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#atelïergoodpeople presents in their first #artshow  #rekreyasyon #montreal #artist #séadé #clovisalexandredesvarieux #august123 #mtl #mileex #mileend #plateaumontroyal #mtl  be there!

#atelïergoodpeople presents in their first #artshow #rekreyasyon #montreal #artist #séadé #clovisalexandredesvarieux #august123 #mtl #mileex #mileend #plateaumontroyal #mtl be there!


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Famous In Jamaica on Flickr.


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Ou pa kreye sa ou pa ye


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Recreational Play on Perception. An illustration of the visual effect of semantic metaphors and the importance or “non-importance” of context when exploring the essential. In this series, I used an avocado seed as basis for an exploration on essence and meaning.  

The term “Grenn Zaboka”(Avocado seed), almost mechanincally brought me to the “Sevi Zorye” (used as pillow) ;  Lyrics of a popular song  of my childhood inked in my subconscious mind. Taking this sentance and exploring out of the context inspired the images allowing this “grenn zaboka” to actually serve as serve as  a pillow on which I can stand  or supporting order explore how we perceive things.  


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Women Artists Visibility Event: The Museum of Modern Art opens but not to women artists, NYC on June 14, 1984
Shot by Clarissa Sligh

Despite the increased visibility of women artists by 1984, most were not included in mainstream gallery or museum exhibitions. When the Museum Of Modern Art opened the exhibition the “International Survey of Painting and Sculpture,” with great fan fare, of the 169 artists chosen, all were white and less than 10 percent were women.

Women artists were incensed. The Women’s Caucus for Art and other women’s groups in the area organized to protest the underrepresentation of women artists.

Included in the photographs are Lucy Lippard, May Stevens, Linda Cunningham, Emma Amos, Sabra Moore, Sharon Jaddis, and Alida Walsh. The posters were pasted all over Soho, a vastly different place from the Soho of today.

(Source: thepeoplesrecord, via blackcontemporaryart)


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Maybe it’s the rain, maybe it’s the silence but tonight I am totally inspired to write something about inspiration. And, although I cannot find my glasses and have to squint  to read the words on the screen, I am   committed to share my insights.  

A few days ago I received an instagram notification where I was thanked by a friend of mine for the inspiration of a nature photograph he had taken. I was naturally very flattered that someone had find his inspiration through my work. But then I once again asked myself what is really inspiration? And how does one get inspired?  

Inspiration is one of these things that cannot be described else way than metaphorically. I see inspiration as a big breath of life that started with the beginning and will end with the end. From time to time, some individuals are able to let it pass trough them and highlight some of the mysteries of the complexity of life. So one never really inspire another, but only helps him find his way to inspiration. 

So how does one get inspired? (Worry of mine as an artist).  

I have once read a Chuck Close quote as follows: “I don’t work with inspiration. Inspiration is for amateurs. I just get to work.” 

Although I do not really agree, that inspiration is for amateurs ( I am never really comfortable with the distinction between professionals and amateurs, specifically in art), I couldn’t agree more with “I just get to work”. Inspiration had never found anyone who did not try. Being inspired only means something when we are able to get something out of a circumstance and translate it into something valuable, whether that “thing” be intellectual, material , or spiritual.  Inspiration shows itself  only those who create those circumstances, only to those who get to work. My experience, without the work, when inspiration comes to you, you don’t even recognize it.   

So put on the work! Let it find you, and if you don’t feel it, know that it is only its way to tell you to try a bit harder or to try something else. Trust yourself.


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Never stop learning!  #leonorfini #HCB @bengardere

Never stop learning! #leonorfini #HCB @bengardere


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Sur mes cahiers d’écolier
Sur mon pupitre et les arbres
Sur le sable de neige
J’écris ton nom

Sur toutes les pages lues
Sur toutes les pages blanches
Pierre sang papier ou cendre
J’écris ton nom

Sur les images dorées
Sur les armes des guerriers
Sur la couronne des rois
J’écris ton nom

Sur la jungle et le désert
Sur les nids sur les genêts
Sur l’écho de mon enfance
J’écris ton nom

Sur les merveilles des nuits
Sur le pain blanc des journées
Sur les saisons fiancées
J’écris ton nom

Sur tous mes chiffons d’azur
Sur l’étang soleil moisi
Sur le lac lune vivante
J’écris ton nom

Sur les champs sur l’horizon
Sur les ailes des oiseaux
Et sur le moulin des ombres
J’écris ton nom

Sur chaque bouffées d’aurore
Sur la mer sur les bateaux
Sur la montagne démente
J’écris ton nom

Sur la mousse des nuages
Sur les sueurs de l’orage
Sur la pluie épaisse et fade
J’écris ton nom

Sur les formes scintillantes
Sur les cloches des couleurs
Sur la vérité physique
J’écris ton nom

Sur les sentiers éveillés
Sur les routes déployées
Sur les places qui débordent
J’écris ton nom

Sur la lampe qui s’allume
Sur la lampe qui s’éteint
Sur mes raisons réunies
J’écris ton nom

Sur le fruit coupé en deux
Du miroir et de ma chambre
Sur mon lit coquille vide
J’écris ton nom

Sur mon chien gourmand et tendre
Sur ses oreilles dressées
Sur sa patte maladroite
J’écris ton nom

Sur le tremplin de ma porte
Sur les objets familiers
Sur le flot du feu béni
J’écris ton nom

Sur toute chair accordée
Sur le front de mes amis
Sur chaque main qui se tend
J’écris ton nom

Sur la vitre des surprises
Sur les lèvres attendries
Bien au-dessus du silence
J’écris ton nom

Sur mes refuges détruits
Sur mes phares écroulés
Sur les murs de mon ennui
J’écris ton nom

Sur l’absence sans désir
Sur la solitude nue
Sur les marches de la mort
J’écris ton nom

Sur la santé revenue
Sur le risque disparu
Sur l’espoir sans souvenir
J’écris ton nom

Et par le pouvoir d’un mot
Je recommence ma vie
Je suis né pour te connaître
Pour te nommer


Paul Eluard, Poésies et vérités, 1942


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Modern Art

Modern Art


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Another kind of blue on Flickr.


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